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Cebu Island
At the heart of the Visayas region, Cebu Island (home of 6 million inhabitants with a length of 200 km and a width of 40 km) is one of the cultural and economic centers of the Philippines.

Cebu City (3 million people), the oldest city in the country, is teeming with life. It is called "Little Singapore" because of its international position of leadership in many export sectors. This glittering metropolis is pleasantly combining the charm of a cosmopolitan city with the friendly Filipino hospitality.

Cebu offers both many interesting cultural sites and fascinating nature. The island of Cebu is a tropical beauty surrounded by enchanting pearls. Wild pineapple, coconut palms and orchids grow on these islands, while the splendid sandy beaches adorn their shores. Secluded coves and small lagoons ensure intimate and relaxing vacation. The coral gardens of Cebu, astonishing diversity, are known worldwide and are among the finest in Asia.
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